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I had the great pleasure of reviewing George Robinsonís previous album, ďRefugeĒ and Iím glad to see that he has continued in the same vein. Robinson is a delightful guitarist. Never trying to impress, but nevertheless, succeeding in doing so.

As with itís predecessor, the greatest appeal of this album is the music itself. Well composed, well delivered. A true moment of pleasure. Of course, the best thing to do is to listen to both of Georgesís album one after the other.

A-J Charron
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George Robinson     Into The Light   2005

This acoustic guitarist from Portland, Oregon, USA, released earlier Refuge and The Awakening. Now his new album Into The Light is continuing in the same setup as his two first CD's. George Robinson plays contemporary finger-style guitar solos melding elements of new age, smooth jazz, rock and classical music. For his music he uses a multiple guitar and sound processors to get his own unique sound which has a lot of staccato elements perhaps created by his equipment. The moods are varied and go from laid back to more challenging pieces like Rodeo and That's The Thing. Other pieces have a New age sound like Into The Light and Daybreak. Festival has a jazzy feeling. All tracks give one a soothing and meditative feeling. Check him out.

Henk te Veldhuis
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