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George Robinson The Awakening 2003

After his debut album Refuge, George Robinson now has a new album called “The Awakening”. The style of George has remained the same, fingerstyle guitar with some new age music, and jazz, that he knows to create in elate melodies. The first track is called “Mystic Journey” full of arpeggios and a deep bass line. “The Calling” has a great melody line in a staccato way played. “Recurring Dream” is as all George his compositions reflect a solace feeling. ”Book of Secrets” has a good structure and is well-balanced and uplifting. “Island Song”, you feel the atmosphere of the sea and the rustling of palm trees. “The Awakening” the title track brings mystery and feelings of hope together. George Robinson has a very unique way of playing the guitar, which you immediately recognize, by his arpeggio playing techniques and his staccato playing style. The music is reflecting and intimate and has a challenging character. Audio files are available on his site.
Henk te Veldhuis
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Minor 7th

George Robinson "The Awakening", 2003 "The Awakening" is Portland, Oregon-based guitarist George Robinson's second solo acoustic release. Robinson uses a hybrid nylon string guitar with some modeling techniques to achieve what is a unique sound. Robinson's music takes a while to grow on you, because the songs are deliberately slow and introspective. I found myself needing to listen repeatedly to pick up the feeling, but once I took the time, I sensed the calm he is trying to communicate. By varying a contrapuntal bass line with the melody, he is able to weave a stable texture to each song. While most of the cuts like "Mystic Journey", "Recurring Dream", and "The Calling" all take you for a leisurely stroll, "Book of Secrets" picks up the pace, and here Robinson allows the melody to drive more than float along. This is the high mark of the CD. This isn't a recording of soaring, mind-blowing licks on solo guitar. But if you're looking for something great in the background on a breezy Sunday afternoon, it delivers. © Kirk Albrecht
Source: Minor 7th, Short Takes, November/December 2003